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Climate change and energy

large scale anaerobic digester plant large scale anaerobic digester plant Photo: © Soil Association

AD is a powerful and useful technology for dealing with organic waste matter. In principle, we support such renewable energy schemes, but we have serious concerns where large, industrial-scale AD plants are allowed to develop in the countryside due to their impact on local roads and infrastructure, rural communities and other rural businesses.

Flooding on Somerset Levels Flooding on Somerset Levels

It’s almost impossible to consider modern life without electricity. With more people wanting more electricity, the subjects of how we generate it and how to use it more wisely was never more important than now.

Climate change is real. It is already taking its toll on the English countryside. And if it isn’t stopped, within a few decades it will have altered many of our most cherished landscapes forever.  

Solar farm on Mendip slopes Solar farm on Mendip slopes

Somerset's countryside has been under enormous pressure in recent years to accommodate large scale solar farms, spurred on by the high financial incentives being offered to landowners.

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Somerset patchwork landscape