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Traffic Jam in Milverton Traffic Jam in Milverton

Many of Somerset's main roads are congested and our rural roads are busier and more dangerous than ever. The answer is not to build more roads and tarmac over yet more of our countryside. Society and transport planners need to look for appropriate alternatives.

Save our countryside from bulldozers and savage local transport cuts CPRE

On 1 December 2014, the Government set out the biggest road-building programme since the 1970s. Help us to campaign to stop this and push for funding for sustainable travel, public transport and safer walking and cycle routes.

Cow - Exmoor National Park Cow - Exmoor National Park Photo: Paul Bryan

Freedom to get about is important to our quality of life, and for those who live in rural areas the car is vital. However, the distances cars travel and their speed have a significant effect upon the quality of life of rural dwellers and countryside users and a balance needs to be found.

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Somerset patchwork landscape