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Lottery Club Winners

Becky Collier
By Becky Collier
13th January 2022

Every month we do a draw for our Lottery Club using a random number generator. Here are our lucky winners so far in 2024

January – Richard Clark – £37.00

February – anonymous – £37.00

March – John & Jane Simpson – £36.00

April – Marion Silverlock – £36.50

May – Malcolm Owen – £37.50

Some of our winners have very kindly donated their prize money back to CPRE Somerset which is just fantastically nice of them!

A lottery ticket costs £12 and enters you into 12 lottery draws, one a month, during the year.  Half of the money goes to the prize fund and the other half helps support our work.

Find out more and join our Lottery Club

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The legacy of Ethel’s vision and determination lives on thanks to the continued efforts of the Friends of the Peak District, and she remains an inspiration to everyone within CPRE