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We speak out against reopening of dormant quarry near Wincanton

Becky Collier
By Becky Collier
24th June 2021

CPRE Somerset has objected to a proposal to extract stone from a dormant quarry in the village of Blackford, near Wincanton.  We have visited the site and fear that, if allowed, the quarrying for the next 14 years will cause major noise and disruption to local residents, shattering tranquillity.

In our opinion, there is no indication that this stone is required in Somerset for the conservation or restoration of heritage buildings. The relic quarry is very small, therefore output would always have been very small; its use in the past would have been limited, given the ‘agricultural unit’ scale of its historic output.  The quarry has been closed for 150 years. To re-open it now would be a very unusual step in an area recognised for its natural and ecological value.

We spoke out against the proposal, alongside the local community, at Somerset County Council’s Regulation Committee on 24th June 2021. Sadly, the committee approved the plan, despite the fact that two Parish Councils and over 60 people had objected.

Heavy machinery in a quarry
Image by Momentmal from Pixabay