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Cleaning our countryside little by little – Henk’s story

Becky Collier
Henk Beentje
By Becky Collier & Henk Beentje

Five months ago I signed up as a #2minute litterpick volunteer with CPRE Somerset. Soon I received my litterpicking kit – a grabber, a hi-vis vest, a bag and some gloves – plus information on litterpicking safely and keeping in touch.  I was good to go!

I started with my litterpick, regularly walking about 1.5 miles of Cow Down Road, New Road and Whatley Lane; rural lanes in the parish of Winsham, South Somerset. To start with I did it in three separate bits as the returns filled my bag quickly!

The beginning few walks were hard work but it does drop off! So much so that it is now down to the occasional Red Bull tin (people who drink this stuff are the most littery of the lot, I reckon), sandwich wrappers and the like.

Knock on wood – sometimes it is worse, like the four tyres I spotted yesterday on a lane near Winsham (reported to South Somerset District Council).  Anyway, I do my duty, and it has good results, too, in the diminishing amounts! Here are some pictures of my early efforts.

These days the results are not as photogenic, but much better. Though there is one gate along Whatley Lane where some idiot keeps dumping plastic bags full of rubbish. I report it to South Somerset District Council and the recycling guys take care of it.

I was pleased to hear some other walkers in my village say they had noticed less litter on my chosen tracks!

Henk Beentje,
CPRE Somerset #2minute Litterpick Volunteer, Oct 2021


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