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Keith’s vintage litter finds

Becky Collier
By Becky Collier

It can take decades for one piece of litter to break down, causing harm to wildlife and polluting our seas. Our #2minute litterpick volunteer, Keith Hunt, shares some of the vintage litter he has found.

Keith Hunt is a remarkable man.  Somehow he finds time every day to do a litterpick, often a beach clean in his area of beautiful West Somerset.  Keith is a CPRE Somerset #2minute litterpick volunteer and also a Litter Hero ambassador for Keep Britain Tidy.

Recently, Keith has been sharing pictures of vintage litter he has found.  These pictures give a chilling reminder of how long this stuff can hang around in our environment.

Rowntree’s smarties lids are a regular find on the beach.  Smarties went plastic-free in 2005

This TipTop packet shows a pre decimal price of 2d. We went decimal in 1971!

Not sure of the date of this Kia-Ora drink but it is also pre-decimal

This crisp packet, with it’s voucher for “Our Price” records, dates from 1995

Quattro was a soft drink in the early 1980’s.

Milk in a plastic bag seemed like a good idea in 1976 – until they started splitting and spilling milk everywhere!  The bag lives on in our seas, sadly.

St Michaels’ strawberry dessert from around 1982

NEW! Ski yoghurt pot – now over 40 years old

These are notorious at being impossible to recycle – this is the remains of a Pringles tube.


If you have any photos of vintage litter that you have found, please send them to us at and we will add them to our rogues gallery.

Meanwhile, Keith will carry on cleaning up our beaches and our countryside one bag at a time.  Thank you Keith!

If you feel inspired and would like to clean up your local area, then why not think about volunteering with us?

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A rusty beer can sits in front of the beach landscape
A rusty beer can found by Keith Keith Hunt