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Our litter project gets a boost with a generous donation from SUEZ

Becky Collier
By Becky Collier
21st June 2024

Our successful litter project is secure for at least another year, thanks to amazing support from SUEZ.  They have donated some new litterpicking kits for our volunteers – and these kits are pretty special!


SUEZ recycling and recovery UK have very kindly donated 60 litter picking kits to our charity.  This means we can keep expanding our successful #2minute litterpick project across Somerset. We already have over 250 volunteers – and now we can recruit even more to help keep our streets and green spaces beautiful.

The new kits will be given out to volunteers who can pledge to do a regular clean up of their their local patch.  Our volunteers come from all backgrounds and all ages, from schoolchildren working on their Duke of Edinburgh Awards to people in their tenth decade! However, they do have one thing in common – they all hate litter and are prepared to do something about it.

'By providing these kits to CPRE Somerset, we are encouraging more volunteers to help clean up their local areas. We are also able to encourage students at schools to learn about the importance of protecting our natural habitats from litter and pollution.'
Lily Morton, Senior Community Liaison Manager, SUEZ

If you hate litter too, we would love to hear from you!

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Clean AND Green

SUEZ have gone the extra mile to help our volunteers AND help the planet.  They sourced the kits through Waterhaul, a company based in Cornwall that manufactures new items out of abandoned fishing gear. Waterhaul turn waste fishing nets washed up on beaches into litter picking bag hoops, and old sails into reusable clean-up bags.

The new kits include a folding litter picker, a bag hoop, reusable bag, high vis vests and gloves.

litteripcking kit
The new kits are made from 100% recycled fishing gear


Lily Morton, SUEZ Senior Community Liaison Manager, recently joined a local litter pick with CPRE Somerset volunteers in Crewkerne to test the litter kits out. Our volunteers put them through their paces and gave their stamp of approval!

a group of litter volunteers
Volunteers in Crewkerne with their new kits
'These new kits are just fantastic! We are so grateful to SUEZ for their support. CPRE Somerset is a small charity but our litter project is having a huge impact. We are proud to enable local people to help clean up their local patch. Little by little, it all adds up to a greener and cleaner Somerset. The fact that the Waterhaul kits are made from recycled ocean waste is brilliant - a total win-win! '
Becky Collier, CPRE Somerset Manager

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Lily Morton from SUEZ with CPRE Somerset volunteers in Crewkerne