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What gets built and where

A family walking through affordable housing
Photo by Abigail Oliver

We want places to live that are good for people and nature. It’s just common sense.

Our staff and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that planning proposals are in line with our vision. We are not anti-development but we do want to see the right development in the right place. We look at things like:

  • Impact on landscape, including heritage
  • Impact on tranquillity and dark skies
  • Effect on existing settlements.
  • Is the scale and design in keeping with the locality?
  • Does the development have the right transport systems to support it?
  • Are there appropriate local services that are easily accessible?
  • If new homes are planned, are they affordable to those that live locally?

We also seek to influence the Local Plan prepared by each local planning authority. Somerset now has a Unitary Authority – Somerset Council.  However, we still rely on the old Local Plans from the previous district councils until a new Somerset Plan is adopted.  That means Mendip, Sedgemoor, Somerset West & Taunton and South Somerset Local Plans as well as Exmoor National Park Authority and, for waste and minerals, Somerset County Council. Their plans set out what is to be built and where and are prepared with extensive public consultation. Do you know anything about your local plan? Have you had your say?

If you have any queries about what is being built in the area where you live, please ring us on 07553 501437 or email We can’t always directly get involved but we will always try to help with advice and support.