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Happy Days in Somerset – meet one of our photo competition judges

Becky Collier
By Becky Collier

Ross Alexander, founder of Moment Photography, Bridgwater is one of the judges for our “Happy Days In Somerset” 2022 photo competition. Here he tells us about what it is like running a busy photography business and what he will be looking for when he judges our photo competition entries later this year.

Moment Photography was formed in Bridgwater, Somerset in 2006.  I started out by doing wedding photography for friends and family and it just organically grew from there.

Since then my range of work has spread out considerably into other areas and I can find myself doing everything from wedding photography, to music performances, family photography, awards ceremonies, product photography and interior photography.  Sometimes all within as little as a week or two.

I enjoy all the photography I do, and with each job I am always trying to take photos just a little better than the last time.  I pride myself on offering a broad range of skills whilst always maintaining a high standard.  I think part of my success has come not just from taking great photographs, but also from being friendly, helpful and reliable when taking photos for my clients.

Over the years, I’ve invested a great deal into photography equipment, but not because that MAKES me a better photographer, more because it HELPS me be a better photographer.

I’ll never stop learning and I’ll never stop trying to improve.  But most importantly I want to continue to enjoy taking photos, as that’s what really matters.  Meeting new people all the time keeps the job interesting.

Judging the competition

I am looking forward to seeing the entries for the CPRE Somerset photo competition and I am thrilled to be one of this year’s judges. I’ll be most inspired by photos that exhibit any or all of the following:

  • Making use of good light
  • Stirring up emotions (the viewer of the photo or the person in the photo)
  • Connecting people with Somerset life
  • Quirky ideas and compositions (think outside the box)
  • More than just a snapshot
  • Uniquely Somerset
  • Fun

Feeling inspired?  There is still time to get your entries in – the competition is open until 31st August 2022.  We love seeing the photos that come in and we can’t wait to see yours!

2022 Photo Competition rules

Ross Alexander looks into the camera
Ross Alexander from Moment Photography