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Mariella Frostrup calls for a rural revolution

Becky Collier
By Becky Collier
Mariella Frostrup, gave a rousing speech to kick off our Rewilding Somerset event in November 2021. Our new President spoke of her deep love for Somerset’s countryside and how, like so many of us, it had sustained her during the pandemic.
Mariella called for a rural revolution where the importance of our countryside is properly recognised.
She felt the planning system needs a shake up so local voices are listened to.
She felt it was time that rural areas are given the support they need.
Robust infrastructure, good public transport and fast internet are vital. Without them, it is hard for younger people to work and live in rural areas and contribute to thriving rural communities.


You can watch Mariella’s speech on our YouTube channel

Mariella Frostrup standing on top of a hill